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My View:   I don't think it deserves all the hype it gets, but for a light, easy read, it's fine. It would be great if the Twi-haters of the world could calm down. After all, if a pre-teen girl can be persuaded to read because of Twilight, then more power to the books.
     Side note: Contrary to the thoughts of many critics, you can't compare HP to these… Twilight isn't nearly as gripping or character-driven. It focuses on a small corner of a fake universe, rather than an entire parallel world. Here, also, you don't get the "everything means something" feel that you have in HP. Altogether, it's probably best for everyone if we all calm down about these books--regardless of what side of the debate we're on.
    General Information:
    Method of Reading:
    Personally owned paperback novel, 498 pages
    Dates of Reading:
    January 29, 2010-February 15, 2010
    Stephenie Meyer
    Publication Year:
    Recommended To:
    A girl with a fair imagination who just wants something to hold her attention for a few days. Not the best beach book, but okay for curling up in an armchair during the colder months. Read it by 8th grade because later it'll bore you.
    "'Alice had a bit too much fun fabricating evidence'" (463).
    Yeah. But even during my "twihard" phase, I couldn't watch all of it... so still working on that. It's really terrible.
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Bibliographic info:
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